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Mirchal Sir's Tutorials is an initiative taken by Sir Mudassir Mirchal keeping in view that our students, in every lockdown or turmoil, are forced to subscribe and buy heavy online programs and courses. We want to make it affordable and the best. We have got the best faculty, who'd train you and help you unravel all the problems that you have been facing. We are here to take the knowledge up and the prices down and to take the intelligence up and the burden down. So, we have brought you Mirchal Sir's Tutorials a platform where you can learn and train your mind to coin a better future for you.


Kangaroos Have Five Legs - Believe it or Not!

Kangaroos are *Tetrapodes* i.e.they have only 4 legs to walk on as other tetrapodes especially mammals do have. But it was in 2014 that a team of scientists from Canada’s Simon Fraser University, in a research gave tail of Kangaroo the status of a specialized limb as it was found that Kangaroos though walking on 4 limbs get propulsion from Tail. So to cut it short, Kangaroos are sometimes considered as *_animals with 5 limbs_*

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